Our Story

Welcome to Stackwood

Encouraging wholesome living

We’re driven by the intrinsic human needs to create and learn. Through our curated workshop program we offer opportunity to (re)learn lost skills that human hands and bodies yearn to remember. Our studio spaces are always bustling from the creative productivity of our resident makers.

Learning and Growing

Learning new skills is an important part of what drives us. Whether it be plant-care knowledge passed on by our nursery experts or face-to-face classes with one of our favourite local artists, we couldn't think of anything better to put energy towards. Learning to make or do something slows us down, encourages presence in the moment and cultivates a more mindful way of living.

Building Community

We love nothing more than bringing communities together, and we're always fascinated by how many exist within our neighbourhoods. We hold regular community events where people can share knowledge and splash around a little kindness. We also host the Freo Repair Cafe which allows you to work with an expert to repair worn or broken household items. 

Supporting Makers

Makers and creative businesses are an essential part of the Stackwood community, and we showcase them every chance we get. Our studios in particular are the beating heart of the warehouse. We currently have four creative businesses in residence at Stackwood who write, photograph, shape, create and make on the daily.