Stackwood is a creative venue located in the warehouse district of Fremantle

Housed in a former diesel workshop, the Stackwood community encompasses a concept store full of plants and makers wares, studios, an event space and a cafe.

Our mission is a simple one: to encourage a more wholesome way of living.

Let’s meet our neighbours and share a nourishing meal. Let’s learn new (in fact, old) skills like propagating,  crafting, cooking and making. Let’s invest in useful products that are good for us and good for our environment.

Supporting Makers

Makers and creative businesses are an essential part of the Stackwood community.

It's why we believe it's important to showcase them at every chance we get, whether it be stocking their wares in our store, creating a platform for new talent via our biannual Made Local Markets, project collaboration or providing space for local artists, small business owners and makers to meet up.

We currently have nine creative businesses in residence at Stackwood who write, photograph, shape, create and make on the daily.

They are the heart of our warehouse.  

Keeping it local

We believe in the value of supporting local producers, makers and service providers, after all why wouldn't we support our local talent? 

Stackwood is a part of a vibrant and creative community and in our experience, great opportunities arise from local relationships.

We believe in buying well and once. This often goes hand-in-hand with using local providers who make quality products. In this way we can break ties with fast fashion and embrace a slower and more sustainable way of being.

Learning and growing

Learning is a really important part of what drives us.

We lament the loss of old school skills like gardening, knitting, cooking, weaving and ceramics, and are passionate about passing these on.

Whether it be plant-care knowledge passed on by our nursery experts or face-to-face classes with one of our favourite local artists, we couldn't think of anything better to be putting time and energy into. 

When you learn a new skill you’re making an investment. You know the old saying ‘teach a man to fish…?’ Learning to make or do something also slows us down, encouraging a more mindful way of living.

Building Community

We love nothing more than bringing communities together, and we are always fascinated about how many exist within our neighbourhood.

We love our studios and our own network, but we also love inviting other people in whether their community be centred around a sport, craft, common interest or even wedding.

We hold our own regular community events like our Plant Swap and Food Swap so you can share knowledge (and splash around a little kindness).

We also have a regular Repair Cafe which allows you to work with an expert to repair worn or broken household items. 

Curious about how we looked before our renovation?

It was a rollercoaster journey converting an ex-diesel mechanic warehouse to a community hub.

It started with a lot of scrubbing but since we've welcomed thousands of visitors through the door, established our own full program of annual workshops and hosted countless markets, events, weddings and community happenings.

We've been thrilled to kick off activation in the area with dozens of satellite businesses popping up around us in the industrial quarter of White Gum Valley. Read about it here. 


Photos by Rae Fallon. Image 1 features the work of Jae Criddle, image 3 Kaki Studio