Our Studios

The working heart of the warehouse

Makers and creative businesses are an essential part of the Stackwood community, no more so than our studios. Each of our spaces is filled with artists and makers that we love, creating with their hands, hearts, minds and communities on the daily.

Studios are generally open by appointment only, so please make sure you call ahead.

Common Good Studio

Common Good Studio is a co-working space for creatives by award-winning photographer Nirrimi Firebrace. It’s been a dream come true for Nirrimi to create a cosy space to create from, and make room for other artists to chase their dreams too.

Nirrimi is the creator behind The Daily Map, a six week roadmap to reaching your dreams. She's available for portrait or business shoots and loves giving workshops around creativity. Nirrimi often hosts open studio days for creative work alongside her.

Open by appointment only.

Jotterbook Flowers

Jotterbook Flowers celebrates the wonder of nature's beauty with artisan paper flowers - thoughtfully handcrafted to last a lifetime. Carrissa Wu uses crepe paper and recycled materials to form each petal and leaf, with the aim of creating everlasting artworks you can gift, wear and display. She draws inspiration from the complexities of Australian native flora as well as unique plants found around the world. 

Carissa uses the art of paper flowers as a vessel to cultivate community and engage with culture, through creating joyful objects and running small-scale workshops that celebrate the stories found in nature close to home.

Neighbourhood Press

Neighbourhood Press is run by print enthusiasts Scott Alexander and Nora Mironov. Specialising in Risograph, Scott and Nora use this niche form of printing to collaborate and experiment with small businesses and local creatives on print based projects.

In this digital age people think of printing as a way of replicating precisely what they see on their computer screen; Riso printing is more reminiscent of a time before digital printers. Scott & Nora want to encourage people to think more creatively about printmaking as a process and foster an excitement for
exploring alternative print.


Winterwares was born from a desire to embrace a slower pace of life after Simone Nabholz experienced complete burnout at her 9 to 5 desk job. Working with clay ignited a passion for creating beautiful pieces that help others gather, share and nurture. 

Simone's handmade ceramic homewares invite you to savour the everyday moments that bring you joy – a cup of tea in solitude or gathering around the table to share comfort food with friends.

Want to be a part of the Stackwood family?

All vacancies for studios are currently filled, but you can register your interest by email for any future vacancies. Please note approximate rates for studios cannot be given out ahead of time as all our spaces are unique and have their own features & benefits. 

Image of Common Good Studio courtesy of Nirrimi Firebrace, all others by Rae Fallon.