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Meet new people + practice presence while learning a valuable craft or skill.

Curated workshops are held in our beautiful, light-filled hall, and range from gardening knowhow to pottery, wood carving to cooking. Enjoy learning new — or indeed old — skills, and leave with a lovely object of your own making.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
The range and price and delivery time is unbeatable! Your plants are such an amazing size and quality for the price. Stackwood is the only delivery service I recommend to people for this very reason!
— Mary, Maylands
Customer reviews
I usually like to look at a plant before buying so I was nervous about ordering online, but the plants I had delivered were beautiful!
— Natasha, Yangebup
Customer reviews
Having young kids, it’s hard sometimes to get out to the store. I was really impressed that Stackwood delivered so quickly.
— Nicola, Myaree