Our favourite plastic free swaps.

An holistic, eco-friendly ethos informs every aspect of living and gardening at Stackwood. Recycling, foraging, and natural, self-sufficient organic living take centre stage here.

It takes a little bit of organising to live a plastic free lifestyle but once you get started you will be saving yourself money and be part of the vision of seeing a world free of plastic waste.

Here are some top tips to get you started:

🌿 Bring a re-useable coffee cup or dine in at your local cafe. Did you know our Stacked Cafe composts all its single use cups and containers?

🌿 Both natural and food-safe, ceramic dinnerware is significantly more sustainable than plastics. They can be reused and recycled and will not leach harmful toxins into your food or water.

🌿 Swap liquid soap for bar soaps and avoid single use bottles.

🌿 Use washable face washers instead of single use wet wipes or make up wipes.

🌿 Swap plastic dish brushes with biodegradable wooden brushes.

🌿 Are you recycling correctly? You can bring your unwanted plastic plant pots into Stackwood and we will take them to be recycled with ours on our weekly recycling run.

🌿 Make your own body care and cleaning products from pure natural ingredients, not only reducing your consumption of single use plastic, but also the toxins in your home.⁠ 

Which new habit are you committing to create this July? 

July 09, 2022 — Emma Williamson