Bird's Nest Fern 'Asplenium nidus'

Native to tropical regions such as southeast Asia, Australia, east Africa and Hawaii to name a few, Bird's Nest Ferns are typically found in palm trees. Given the right indoor environment, they will thrive and make for a wonderfully unique houseplant.

The Bird’s Nest Fern has light green, large simple fronds that are often crinkled or wavy, and rise from a central rosette.  One of the best places to put a bird's nest fern is in a bathroom, where it will get optimal humidity and warmth, along with sufficient light.


Medium filtered light. Not suited for intense, direct sun.


Keep moist but not soggy. In order to avoid rot, be sure not to water directly into the rosette.


When growing them as a houseplant, the key to a healthy bird's nest fern is providing enough warmth and moisture, consider spritzing with a water bottle every so often.

Botanical name: Asplenium nidus


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Photo by Rae Fallon

July 22, 2020 — Jasmyn Woodford