The FunGuy Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit

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The FunGuy WA is a small-scale urban farm located in Perth WA, passionate about community and the ability to help and educate people to grow their own food. They believe in nutritious food, locally and sustainably grown. 

Their mushroom mini farms allow you to experience the fun of growing your own delicious mushrooms at home.


Scientific Name: Pleurotus Djamour – Pink Oyster
Difficulty: Beginners – Fast Grower in warm climate, fade but strong mycelium run.
Application: Edible
Characteristics: Medium Pink oyster mushroom. Side growing. Doesn’t develop much of a stem, its gilled cap protruding from substrate
Temperature Range: Warm strain (need at least 18°c to fruit), temperature range 18-30°c (Best 18-26°c )
Cooking: Suitable for any dish you would consider using mushrooms, sweet and seafood notes.



Weight 2kg

Dimensions 15 x 15 x 25cm