Masterclass: Seed to Supper with Casey Joy


Growing our own herbs, fruits and veggies is one of the most satisfying things we can do as gardeners. And, if you’ve ever tried homegrown food, you’ll know it’s infinitely tastier than anything you can buy at the supermarket! 

Gardening offers us a way to slow down, engage with the natural world and find a deeper appreciation for some of life’s simplest pleasures; like eating a fresh tomato straight off the vine or making a meal for friends with produce that you have grown yourself.

So how do we get from veggie patch beginner to dinner party? In this exciting new masterclass Casey Joy will teach you how to go from seed to supper and consider:

  • environmental factors like sun, wind and rain when planning the layout of your garden
  • common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • how to encourage beneficial insects to your garden
  • avoiding pesticides and sprays
  • how to use companion planting to grow healthier veggies
  • why healthy soil is vital to a thriving garden and what ingredients to add to improve your garden soil (including testing a sample of your own garden soil to determine its pH and overall health)
  • simple propagation techniques; including how to take cuttings from plants, divide creeping herbs and split up strawberry runners and tubers.
  • how to harvest and store seeds, and 'prick out' seedlings for transplantation.

This workshop is perfect for beginners looking to establish a garden, or intermediate gardeners who'd like to get more home-grown food onto their dinner plate. This is an intimate class with Casey Joy, with lots of time for questions. 

You'll leave with a pack of organic seeds to sow at home, and a punnet of freshly sown seeds, plus your own potted veggie seedlings.

All tools, materials and afternoon tea are provided.

Enjoy 10% off plants at the concept store on the day of your workshop.

About Casey

Casey Lister is a gardening consultant and coach with a PhD in Psychology. She is passionate about teaching people how to transform their backyards into productive, beautiful and edible gardens, filled with wildlife. Over the last eight years, Casey has transformed her backyard from a bare patch of couch grass into a thriving and organic cottage garden with over 30 trees, a rambling vegetable patch and sprawling borders of flowers and herbs

Casey has founded an online gardening club called Seed to Supper, which takes the guesswork out of growing. It aims to give you the guidance, confidence, accountability and motivation to grow a beautiful, edible garden in every season, along with a community of other passionate beginner gardeners. Members have access to planting guides, gardening workshops and a Facebook page where you can get one-on-one feedback. To learn more about Seed to Supper here.

Terms and Conditions

Please note this class requires a minimum of 6 attendees in order to run. All workshop ticket sales are final and non-refundable. Class postponements or cancellations are decided by Stackwood and will be re-accommodated or offered a credit voucher at our discretion. You can find more details, including information about COVID-19, in our Terms and Conditions.

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