Seasol Planting Gel


Seasol is an organic liquid seaweed and environmentally friendly fertiliser. Stimulates strong root growth and beneficial soil micro-organisms. It will help your plants cope with stress and give better resistance to bugs. Safe to use on all plants. Made in Australia.


Seasol Planting Gel
Planting Gel is a combination of semi-hydrated water storing crystals boosted with Seasol and essential nutrients. They store water and nutrients within the root zone, where the plant needs them most. The added Seaso promotes good root development and improved plant performance. Once placed in the root zone the Gel slowly releases moisture and nutrients, stimulating root growth reducing transplant shock and assisting plant establishment.

Available in 800g bucket. 
Use: Planting Gel can be placed directly into the planting hole or incorporated into the backfill surrounding the root ball; under turf or simply broadcast over the top of the prepared planting surface.


IMPORTANT: Delivery in Perth only (check your suburb is on the list). Orders must be placed before 12pm to go out the same day (delivery Monday - Friday). If you miss this deadline your order will be delivered the following delivery day.

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