Scindapsus Mega Satin Totem

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This striking tropical plant has big, heart-shaped leaves that are dark-green and splashed with silvery grey, giving them a satin sheen. Its compact growth habit makes this plant great for hanging baskets, or situated on a high shelf.

Mega Satin is easy care and fast-growing. It will tolerate low-light conditions but will really thrive in bright, indirect light. Keep it warm (bathrooms are good!) and take care not to overwater.

Botanical name: Scindapsus Pictus Argyraeus, Exotica
May also be known as: Satin Pothos, Mega Satin

Plant only. This plant comes in a 200mm nursery (plastic) pot on a coconut fibre totem.

Photos are indicative only – plants are natural products and will differ from batch to batch. When you shop online our in-store experts will select the healthiest and happiest available and package it with care.

Photos by Anna Macoboy.