Green your Verge with Claire Greenhill


Many of us have vacant space on our verges that are ripe for turning into productive green space that is good for you and the environment you live in.

In this class, Claire Greenhill will teach you how to prepare (organically), design and plant out a garden using edibles and Australian plants with a focus on endemic species to the Fremantle area.

Verges are generally not irrigated so this class will focus on species that are hardy, water-wise and grow well in sandy soil. We'll talk about which plants to choose to attract different birds into your garden and how to have flowering plants throughout the year, plus the right time to plant these beautiful specimens. 

This class will cover some of the local schemes from the City of Fremantle and surrounding councils, that you can get involved with to help you out in the process of converting your space. 

Date and time: 

Saturday 18th of July, 10:00am - 11:00am

10% off plants at the concept store when you show your ticket 

About Claire:

Claire Greenhill is a designer, gardener, keen plants-woman and Landscape Architect who lives and works in the Fremantle area. Claire has a strong art and design background and broad horticultural knowledge, having earned both Design and Landscape Architecture qualifications. She is passionate and curious about everything green and growing and strives to keep learning and sharing her horticultural knowledge with the community. 

She believes that plants make people happier, improve physical and mental health and make spaces more beautiful. Through her work she hopes to encourage people to grow more, plant more and to feel confident to nurture and create their own garden spaces.

Claire cares for the plants at Stackwood, runs plant education workshops and offers residential garden design, interior plant styling and indoor plant care services. She hopes to help people live more plant-filled lives.

Photos by Rae Fallon

* Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, but you are more than welcome to send a friend in your place if you cannot attend. You can find more details in our Terms and Conditions.

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