Green wood spoon carving with Julian from Littlebear Sloyd


This workshop will introduce you to the quiet, satisfying and productive craft of green wood spoon carving, with a minimal toolkit, and without the use of noisy and expensive power tools. Learn the fundamentals of safe axe and knife techniques and ways of working with green wood in this intimate small group class.

Before the industrial revolution made it simpler to mass-produce metal cutlery, hand-carved wooden spoons were the staple utensil of every household. They were carved green from local timber, by a local artisan. By returning to these ancient roots and eliminating the intermediate/industrialised steps of milling and drying lumber, you can get closer to nature and understand and appreciate the craft better as well.

What you will learn:

  • to use the carving axe, sloyd knife, and hook knife
  • about the accessible and rewarding craft of spoon carving
  • how to work with green timber: where/how to get wood, carving techniques, and drying and finishing your work

What you will get:

  • fundamental woodcarving skills and your own hand-carved wooden spoon
  • Julian's mix of organic hemp seed oil and natural beeswax for finishing/maintaining your spoon, and instructions to make your own at home
  • advice and recommendations on beginner/budget-friendly tools to get started in this rewarding craft
All tools, materials and light refreshments/snacks will be provided. 

This class is strictly for those over the age of 16 years and has a maximum of 6 participants only.

About Julian

Julian is a certified wooden spoon tragic and has carved hundreds of spoons from his Fitzroy North apartment courtyard. Julian has recently made the move over to Perth. He also has a bachelors degree in history, and did extensive research into the history of spoon carving in Wales for his final project. Joining together the craft of spoon carving and the study of material culture history is his way to rediscover the role of the wooden spoon in the household. Julian uses his spoons every day and encourages others to make functional objects and do the same. You can find more about his work and craft here

Terms and Conditions

Please note this class requires a minimum of 4 attendees in order to run. All workshop ticket sales are final. If you are unable to attend your class due to illness or need to isolate, please provide as much notice as possible. We can move you to another class date or issue a credit voucher. You can find more details in our Terms and Conditions.

Images by Rae Fallon.

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