Ficus Lyrata - Extra Large

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A highly sought-after and fashionable house plant, the Ficus lyrata is perfect for indoors. This plant features heavily-veined, large, violin-shaped leaves, that you (and we) just can't seem to get enough of.

This plant will benefit from a very bright indoor position, out of direct sun and occasional wipe of their leaves to remove any dust. Let dry out between waterings, depending on your conditions every 1 - 3 weeks. 

Botanical name: Ficus Lyrata
May also be known as: Fiddle Leaf Fig

Plant only. This plant comes in a standard 330mm diameter plastic pot. 

Please note photos are representative of general size and shape; plants are natural products and will differ from batch to batch. When you shop online our in-store experts will select the healthiest and happiest available and package it with care.