Community Plant Swap



2024 dates to be released soon!

Join us for an afternoon of trading plants and stories with Anna from Wilding Studio. 

Is your favourite house plant ready to be propagated? Are you looking for more interesting varieties to add to your collection? Do you have some heirloom veggie seedlings to share? Or a stash of seeds you've never gotten around to planting? Perhaps you are just curious to see what house plants other people are hiding.

Bring a plant or cutting with a story and swap it for something else to add to your collection.  

How does it work?

- Bring along a cutting, seedling or established plant to swap. 
- Bring along any stories or knowledge you might have about your specimens, you might like to write these prior or use one of our note cards and string. 
- Contribute your plant or plant(s) to the pool of greenery. 
- Swap for something that takes your eye.

Plant swaps are money free exchanges and operate as an honesty system. To ensure everyone gets an equal swap we'll have a token system in operation. 

We start off the swap with some greenery from the Stackwood collection and we have never seen anyone leave empty-handed, so don't be shy about contributing. In our experience, you will always receive back an abundance of greenery, conversation and community feels in-kind (and some!) 


- All varieties of plants are welcome including natives and edible species. 
- Rare and interesting species are encouraged, as are any plants with a great story behind them. 
- There is no limit to how much you can bring, but please make sure you can carry your plants with you. 
- Let's cut down waste together, it's a great idea to bring a box or reusable bag with you for your findings.
- It is important that plants are healthy, bug and disease free, if you aren't sure - please leave them at home. If your plant is a health risk, you'll be asked to remove it. 
- Our plant experts will be there to help you identify plants that you may not be sure about. Be sure to pick their brains for their years of plant knowledge. 
- Please bring your kids, it's an ideal time to teach your littles where our plants come from, but please ensure they have a guardian at all times.
- Swaps come in over the morning so you might like to hang around, get a coffee and revisit the table over the course of the swap.

Date and time:

2024 dates to be released soon!

You can RSVP by grabbing a (free!) ticket above, walk ins are very welcome however.

About Wilding Studio:

Anna is a plant and floral designer and educator who is passionate about creating wild and beautiful designs with nature. Her work is influenced by the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which can be described as an appreciation of the imperfections and transience of natural beauty. Anna is dedicated to spreading plant knowledge and design techniques and has taught workshops at dozens of locations in Australia and the USA, including the New York Botanical Garden, Chelsea Garden Center and the Japan Society of New York. She has been experimenting with various techniques for making hand-woven baskets for ten years.

Photos by Rae Fallon

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