Calathea Burle Marx - Small


A small growing Calathea, this striking house plant is adorned with oval-shaped leaves. Its brilliantly variegated silvery-green foliage is marked with deep-green patches that create an eye-catching pattern. 

This plant will enjoy a good bright spot within a room without direct sunlight. Watering frequently in warmer months will keep it happy, always making sure the soil is moist and not waterlogged. During the winter cut this down and only water when the topsoil has become dry to touch.

Botanical name: 
Calathea 'Burle Marx'

Plant only. This plant comes in a standard 130mm diameter plastic pot. 

Photos are indicative only – plants are natural products and will differ from batch to batch. When you shop online our in-store experts will select the healthiest and happiest available and package it with care.