We hope you had a really great experience. Here we provide some extra information and inspiration, so that you can continue to practice your new craft or skill at home!

Building a bouquet:

1. Strip foliage 2/3 down the stem
2. Arrange flowers into desired style
3. Tie bouquet with bind wire, twine or elastic bands
4. Trim stems to desired length
5. Wrap bouquet
6. Place in water as soon as possible

Flower tips

  • Remember the four F’s when creating your bouquet: foliage, filler, flower, focal
  • Cut stems on a 45° angle: this increases stem surface area which will increase water uptake
  • Re-cut stems right before you place them in water. This will prevent the stems from drying and sealing off
  • Re-cut stems and change water every 2-3 days: this will give the flowers more life for longer. Take care of your flowers and they will take care of you!

Flower supplies in Perth

Flowers are normally sourced from the flower wholesalers, which are mainly located in West Leederville. To buy from here you must register with an ABN number and have a business that is related to the floral industry. This is to ensure fairness on wholesale prices for florists who are trying to maintain a profitable business.

Flowers can also be purchased from supermarkets at a retail price. Kiara recommends foraging (legally) as much as possible!

About Kiara

Dirt House (formerly Slow Flowers) is a small Perth-based business delivering fun and wild blooms for all of Perth to enjoy. Kiara is inspired by the idea of a sustainable floristry approach and dreams of contributing to an industry with less wastage that doesn't compromise the environment or creative style. Using a combination of native flowers and a pastel colour palette, Kiara creates for bunches, small events and workshops.

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