Signature Blends with Katie from The Second Salon


Join Katie from The Second Salon to learn about essential oils, their benefits, and create your own signature blends.

In this class you'll be introduced to a range of essential oils and learn about their properties and complementary scents for blending. You'll learn what oils and families blend well together, plus how to design your own scents around mood, sense of place or for a particular therapeutic benefit.

Katie's work is centred around ritual and how to bring comfort, pause and joy into life. She is an enthusiast for introducing small acts of kindness into our days: mindfully diffusing an oil blend or taking a restorative bath. Katie's background informs her practice, and she is passionate about facilitating intelligent and sensible conversation around the use of essential oils to enhance wellbeing.

You'll leave this class with 3 custom blends of your own making and explore scents such as Lavender, Lemon, Spearmint, Rosemary, Peppermint, Frankincense, Chamomile and Cedarwood Atlas.

All tools, materials and light morning tea will be provided. There are no previous skills required, simply bring your authentic self. Participants are welcome to bring along their own aprons or borrow one of ours.

Important safety message: this class involves the use of essential oils, if you have a medical condition or are pregnant please contact us before you book into this workshop.


  • Time in our warehouse with an incredible local artist
  • Your own signature blends and the skills to continue blending at home
  • Coffee and cake from our cafe to enjoy while you are blending

About Katie

Katie has been using essential oils for 25 years after becoming fascinated with them as a teen. Her love affair evolved into the well-loved brand that is The Second Salon. The Second Salon was established in 2016 after Katie completed studies in cosmetic chemistry. Katie's experience informs her practice, she is passionate about facilitating intelligent and sensible conversation around the use of essential oils to enhance wellbeing.

Recently she's been involved in collaborations with Paper Bird, Kura Studio and Fremantle Arts Centre and is interested in exploring how scent can evoke a sense of place and memory.

Katie's work is based around five pillars: purity, self care, ritual, design and conscientiousness.

Terms and Conditions

Please note this class requires a minimum of 6 attendees in order to run. All ticket sales are final and non-refundable. If you are unable to make your date you are able to send someone else in your place. You can find more details in our Terms and Conditions.

Photos by Rae Fallon

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