Autumn has arrived: How to look after your plants this season

Autumn in Perth is an in-between time for indoor plant growers. The scorching heat of summer has passed, plants will start to slow their growth and it's beginning to get crisp after dark. 

In autumn there are a few things you might want to do to ensure healthy and happy indoor plants. This includes watching how the light changes in your home and being mindful of changes in watering requirements, with cooler overnight temperatures.

It's also a time to prepare for winter with repotting and feeding

Everyone’s home has its own microclimates so no advice is universal, but in general here are a few tips to get you through Autumn with a thriving indoor garden. 

Plant Positioning 

In autumn the angle of the sun drops lower. You may notice direct sun shining through East, North and Western facing windows. This sun can still be pretty intense at this time of year so make sure you watch plants positioned near these windows, to make sure they do not get scorched.

You may need to move these plants further from the window or out of the sun’s direct path, or roll down blinds or sheers at certain times of the day.

Time to repot and feed

Autumn is the perfect season in which to prepare your plants for winter (not an ideal time for many tropical warmth-loving indoor plants!) 

Do you have anything that needs repotting or can it wait until spring? If it can't wait it's time to go up a pot size before it really cools down.

The same goes for feeding, get a little feed in now before it's time for plants to go into a winter dormancy. 

Pull back on the watering 

Plants will need less water as the temperature drops. As a general rule you should always be checking your soil and lifting the pot before you water.

Keep in mind your plant’s autumn moisture requirements may be lower than they are in summer.

Pay attention to pests

Pests can rear their heads at all times of year but with the humid weather we've been having in Perth we've noticed you've had a lot more questions. Here's our tips for taking care of any problems you might have.

We're still having the odd hot day here and there so be sure to only treat your plants on the cooler ones to avoid smothering them. 

For more hints on growing your indoor garden visit our handy 'Plant Tips' page or check out our 'Plant Parenting' workshops with guru Anna Macoboy.

Photo by Rae Fallon
April 04, 2023 — Jasmyn Woodford