Elk Horn 'Platycerium bifurcatum'

A fabulous native fern with bold and dramatic green leaves, and a modern & unique appearance. This plant will grow in a pot, a basket, tied onto a tree or mounted onto a ply board. 


Easy to grow in a protected and semi-shaded position such as on a balcony, patio or under a big shade tree. This plant can also be grown indoors in bright indirect sunlight, the plant wants to see the sky, but not the sun.


Let the top layer of soil dry out in between waterings, when feeling the soil it should feel dry down to your middle knuckle. Keep dryer during the winter months. Being a fern, this plant will appreciate misting in dry weather or dry microclimates, an occasional gentle spray with the a hose or under the shower can be great for these plants.


Feed these ferns with seaweed fertiliser at half the recommended strength and only during growing season, spring and summer.

Botanical name: Platycerium bifurcatum


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Photo by Rae Fallon

July 05, 2020 — Jasmyn Woodford