Lady Finger 'Rhapis Palm'

The Rhapis Palm is a very attractive slow growing multi-stemmed palm with large fan-shaped leaves. A fantastic indoor pot plant that enjoys a warm spot with indirect light.


This plant is known for its tolerance of low light conditions. Lady palms grow best in bright, indirect light. A south or west-facing window covered by a sheer curtain is a good choice. These adaptable palms will grow in low-light areas, such as north- or east-facing windows, but expect them to grow exceptionally slow in this condition.


To care for this plant let the top layer of soil dry out in between waterings and water the soil not the plant to avoid fungal infections.  


Lady palms are slow-growing and benefit from a monthly dose of fertilizer from April through September. Use a houseplant fertilizer and dilute it to half-strength.

Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth occasionally to remove the dust that accumulates on the leaves to support photosynthesis, very dusty leaves can't absorb sunlight.

Botanical name: Botanical name: Rhapis excelsa


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Photo by Rae Fallon

June 24, 2020