Fremantle Repair Cafe is back

COVID-19 meant a hiatus for Repair Cafe, but this popular community event is back starting Sunday 7th of August.

Join us in the warehouse to reduce, reuse and recycle your broken or worn-down household items. Along with an experienced volunteer repairer from the local community, you can jointly repair items such as clothing, toys, small furniture, electrical goods (must have an AC adaptor or be battery operated), bikes and more.

There will also be a gluing/taping workstation and device help for phones, tablets, and laptops.

Please only bring items that you can carry in and out of the space, if they are larger they may be a project better suited to you fixing at home.

All items that cannot be fixed can be dropped off just up the road at the Fremantle Recycling Centre. 

Upcoming dates are 4th of September, 2nd of October, 6th of November & 4th of December. The Repair Cafe runs 9:30 am - 11:30 pm. 

Repairs are being made for free, but donations are warmly received.

For any questions on what can be repaired or to volunteer please contact Jo at Repair Cafe at


The Repair Cafe happens monthly at Stackwood, organised by the Fremantle Repair Cafe volunteer team. For more info on the Repair Cafe visit this link.

Photo by Rae Fallon

July 06, 2020 — Sarah Bell