Get a behind-the-scenes look into our warehouse
To celebrate Open House Perth, we'll be opening our creative studios for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the day-to-day of our warehouse. 

Winterwares are opening their beautiful pottery studio (it's impossible to leave without feeling more relaxed), you'll get a glimpse into how Neighbourhood Press run their independent riso design lab (if you don't know what riso is, here's some inspo - seriously fun work) and you'll be able to drop into one of our artist spaces like Holly Razavi art (her portraits always leave us feeling inspired).

As a bonus Australian label Magpie Goose will be popping up 10am – 2pm, in the Stackwood concept store. They’ll be bringing their beautiful bold prints designed by Aboriginal artists, hand screen printed in Australia.

Iconic Perth artist Anya Brock will also be hosting a number of private workshops under the warehouse roof to celebrate Open House Perth that are now SOLD OUT. You'll be able to see them in action! 

The cafe and urban jungle space at Stackwood are great resting places when following the trail of architectural homes/buildings open to the public, and we welcome you to visit! 

OPEN STUDIOS 10am - 2pm

Holly Razavi 11am
Winterwares 12pm
Neighbourhood Press 1pm


Join us for Open House Perth Sunday 17th of November 10am - 2pm. No RSVP essential, please just drop in. For more info or to access the full trail click here

Photo by Rae Fallon.

October 28, 2019 — Jasmyn Woodford