Studio Series: Hannah Pannell of Tiny Print Press

Studio Series: Hannah Pannell of Tiny Print Press

Today we’re catching up with one of our very own Stackwood studio residents Hannah Pannell of Tiny Print Press. Hannah’s space at Stackwood is a colourful corner, her desk scattered with curious lino print instruments, the walls decorated with her distinctive artworks.

Hannah takes inspiration from her surrounds, both natural and built environments. She often features facades and landmarks from her own neighbourhood of Fremantle. Here we chat about her printmaking practice and her love of passing on her skills through her popular workshops.


What’s your background and how did you get started with printmaking?

I am a landscape architect and I have always loved design and art. I did a linoprint workshop one weekend and fell in love with it! I haven’t stopped making prints since!

How did the name Tiny Print Press come about?

One of the things that I love about lino print is that you don’t need a lot of space or fancy equipment to do it. You can do make prints at home with just a few simple tools and ink. I wanted a name which reflected this somehow. Also, the domain name was available so that sealed the deal!

What inspires your artworks?

Living in Freo is my biggest inspiration! I love walking around the streets and checking out all the beautiful heritage buildings. I turn my favourite ones into prints.

Can you tell us about your custom house/ pet portraits?

I sell custom house and pet portraits through my online Etsy shop. My customers send me a photo or two and I use them to draw a design for the print. It’s a really nice way for people to celebrate where they live or their adorable pet!


Can you describe your process for arriving at a finished print?

I usually work from a photo and sketch a design on trace paper. I use the trace paper to transfer the design onto my lino block. I use my carving tools to carve out the design (this bit is quite therapeutic!).

Once I am happy with my carving I carefully roll on the ink. I use a flat disc called a baren to rub my sheet of paper onto my lino block. The final step is to gently peel the paper and reveal the final print! Each print comes out just slightly different which is what makes it so fun!

Can you tell me what to expect from one of your workshops?

I will teach you how to transform one of your photos into limited edition lino prints! We will play with carving tools and ink to create beautiful prints for you to take home with you at the end of the workshop. There will time for some lunch and a coffee too! Lino printing is so much fun, I love sharing this skill with people.

What’s on your studio playlist at the moment?

I mostly listen to podcasts while I work. Lately, I have been loving a new podcast called Heavyweight. It’s so funny and clever! Sometimes you do just need some good music to get you through the day. Freo band Salary has been on high rotation this week!

What do you have planned for the future of Tiny Print Press?

I want to keep making things and sharing what I have learnt with people!


Hannah is teaching a workshop next Sunday the 27th of November: Print your own custom pet portrait with Hannah Pannell from Tiny Print PressBook online to secure your place!

Her artwork is available online and through limited local stockists

Interview, introduction and images by Amy Snoekstra

November 19, 2016 by Amy Snoekstra
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