Becky Blair artwork sale!
For the first time in over two years, Becky Blair is showing her work in Australia at Stackwood, in conjunction with Short Street Gallery.

Following on the back of a highly successful collaboration with fashion label Gorman, Becky is pleased to release her works for sale to her Australian audience, including ’Shadow Patterns’ featured in the Gorman clothing line.
A Long Distance Romance is aptly named while Becky remains in Britain due to pandemic travel restrictions, yet has her heart and soul firmly planted in Australia where she has held many exhibitions over the past two decades, and a country to which she returns to time and time again.
Join us at Becky’s art work sale THIS WEEKEND Friday 27 (9am - 2pm), Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 November (9am - 4pm) | 10 Stack St, Fremantle.

We are also having a WAREHOUSE WIDE SALE operating in the same time hours as above with 20% off plants and offers from our studios that you might like to visit at the same time. 

Photo by Hugh Fox
November 24, 2020