Building Stackwood

Building Stackwood

Standing in the empty, greasy shell of the old diesel mechanics warehouse brought mixed feelings. The primary feeling was overwhelm; the space had so much potential and yet so much to accomplish before it would become what we envisioned.


Above: my lovely dad Peter Bell did most of the carpentry work (what a legend!); An old sign left by the previous occupants


Above: The space was very greasy when we moved in


Above: natural light streams in through the West-facing windows (this space is now occupied The Little Posy co.)


In January 2016 we began. The warehouse formerly serviced large diesel trucks. So think grease. Lots of grease.  I think most of the labour involved in the first couple of weeks was cleaning and scrubbing the walls and floors. The greasy shell slowly transformed into a habitable space.

Fast forward six months and we’ve come a long way. We have seven creative studios with makers and businesses happily installed in them, a retail store and an events space.

We have big plans for Stackwood (read more about our vision for the space here) And we’re only a short way along the road to fully realising the space. Stay tuned.

January 07, 2016 by Sarah Bell
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